Thursday, 19 January 2012

Most Luxurious Private Airbus A380 on the planet.

Imagine if you have all the money in the world, and while airlines purchased the A380 to improved and modernized their airlines business. One on the richest man in the middle east is spending approximately 300million pounds to revamp his latest private aircraft into a flying palace. he changed the space of an Airbus A380 plane with a capacity of 600 passengers in to a five-star palace in which he and his guests will have anything.

The plane has a Turkish bath, some rooms are even reported to equipped with projectors that will dress walls after guest’s taste, car garage, conference rooms with Internet access and an elevator needed to go between the three floors palace....I must say this is a Wow for a private jet or as I called it a private aircraft.

The design is said to be creatively designed by Design Q, one of the best known companies of airplanes tuning. 

Blueprint of the most luxurious Private Aircraft On The Planet

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  1. So nice pictures of the Private Jet which allows you to make your travel luxury.


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