Wednesday, 18 January 2012

the Most Luxurious Airbus A380 In the world

I have read and watch online that to date the Emirates has the most luxurious A380 passenger aircraft in the world, and according to Runway Girl it is the most luxurious Airbus on the Planet. as quoted in Runway girl "Not only the first class is actually a super-first class with seats bigger than my apartment, but the Airbus A380 is so huge that Emirates' business class actually feels like the first class from the rest of the airlines. I have to admit that, despite all that horrible gold and rose wood naffness, I'm impressed."

Just watch these video and you will know what I mean, just by watching it and hope that one day I will have the ever golden opportunity to experience a short tour or even better a very short flight... :D

Emirate flight to LAX

Emirates A380 First Class (Part 1)

Emirates A380 First Class (Part 2)

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