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Top 16 gadgets to anticipate this coming 2012...I Cant Wait...EeeHa

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As I earlier post, I mentioned that as we are closer to the end of 2011 and looking forwards to a newer chapter of our gadget freek life in the year 2012 and eargerly anticipate to see what is in store for us when the new year arrived. Just like what we have seen in 2011 there are a lot of cool gadgets in being release, such as Apple’s iPhone 4s and iPad2, the all new Canon EOS Rebel T3i, Amazon Kindle, The Androids which has launch and sending a strong message that they are here to conquer the smartphone market. And we all know that advancement in technology will never cease to stop and thus we should expect an even more exciting gadgets and IT trends this coming 2012.

There has been quite a number of companies and industry players ready to release their new creation for us in 2012. While some are just upgrades of their predecessor with just a few additional features but for sure, we are still up to more surprises for these new toys has in store for us.

I am pretty sure the Touch screen technology will evolve further come 2012 and should the main competition of who will have the best, smootest and sleekest touch screen technology gadget ever created...

Well let us all a have quick look of the upcoming techy toys that will hit the market or even conquer the world in 2012, :

 1. Nintendo Wii U
 Once again Nintendo is trying to revolutionize the gaming industry with a system that has a new controller with an embedded touch screen that allows you to continue a gaming session on the portable controller even when your TV is off.

On a more mundane level, this Wii supports 1080p visuals and is backward-compatible with all Wii gaming accessories and games. That latter trait may be its biggest selling point.

No word on pricing or exactly when the Wii U will hit the market, but Nintendo says it will be in stores in 2012.

 2. Google Ice Cream Sandwich (android 4.0)
 The first Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) smartphones have just started trickling out onto the market. Loads more are coming in 2012. Yummy.

3. Apple Mini iPAD
Will Apple do a 7-inch iPad? Some say no, some say yes, particularly with the success of Amazon's Kindle Fire. We hope Apple does go small. $299. 16GB. Slam dunk.

4. More and cheaper Ultrabook
orget those underpowered Netbooks. The ultrabook is the new Netbook. We already saw the price for these lightweight machines head into reasonable territory in 2011. Now we look forward to the next batch offering similar performance for even less money.

5. Next Generation MacBook Air
Rumor has it that the next generation of MacBook Pros and Airs will get new designs, and we may very well see a 15-inch Air.

Will the Air get even slimmer? Why not?
6. More-affordable Apple AirPlay products

Just in case you don't know what it is, Apple's AirPlay is a wireless streaming feature available on Apple mobile devices that allows you to stream audio and video over Wi-Fi. However, except for Apple TV and AirPort Express, AirPlay-compatible products tend to be pricey (most are speakers).

They could all stand to shave $100 off their list prices (and more in some cases). Hopefully that will happen in 2012.

7. Kindle Fire 2 (And Amazon's 10 inch Tablet)
The Kindle Fire's been a big hit and it isn't even that great. Just imagine what the Kindle Fire 2 will be like. And oh, Amazon may well release a 10-inch tablet that undercuts the iPad's price significantly. Can't wait for that to happen.

8. Apple iPhone 5 
For those of you who waited all 2011 for an iPhone 5, we've got news: you get to do some more waiting in 2012.

When we'll see the iPhone 5 launch is anybody's guess, but whether it's released in June or November, it seems like a safe bet that it will have a new design and most likely support for 4G networks.

 9. Apple iTV
Rumor has it that Apple will enter the TV market in 2012 with a set that will be a game-changer and once again turn another market on its head. We'll believe it when we see it.

10. iPAD 3
Everybody's waiting--and expecting--an iPad 3 with a higher-resolution display. If the past is any indication, hear all about it in February or March, with a release soon after.

If this new launching is true, Looks like the all new largest Apple store in Central Station New York will be be queing the wrong lane/departure gate...

11. Playstation ViTa
Sony's next-generation handheld gaming device is slated to arrive in the U.S. on February 22, with dual analog sticks, a touch screen, and graphics that rival the PS3's. The Wi-Fi version is priced at $249 and the Wi-Fi/3G version will cost $299.99 (3G service plan extra).

While many think the Vita has an uphill road, it also has the potential to be a much-needed hit for Sony, which has lost a lot of luster in recent years.

12. Wider LTE 4G Rollout
 We'll see lots more 4G phones in 2012--and hopefully lots more 4G service coverage with true broadband speeds.

Even our country's mobile service and broadband service provider will be show casing their offers this new Technology to all its loyal users.

13. Nook Tablet 2
Barnes & Noble continues to do a lot of things right with its color Nook products. One request for the next model, most likely due to arrive in November.

14. Nikon D800
The much-anticipated successor to the full-frame Nikon D700 was supposed to arrive in 2011. Alas, it didn't. Word is this rumored 36-megapixel prosumer camera will finally launch in early 2012.

What about the new generation of D300s?

15. Canon 5D Mark III
Like the Nikon D800, Canon's full-frame follow-up to the EOS 5D Mark II was widely expected to arrive 2011. It failed to arrive, and was most likely delayed by the combination of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami and Thailand flood tragedies. 

16. Windows 8
Unity is the theme with Windows 8, as Microsoft is bringing the Metro UI found on smartphones and Xbox 360 to the PC and tablets. Word is a beta may be out as soon as February with the final product ready to ship on PCs in late fall.

Resource  from Cnet Reviews

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