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Samsung Galaxy Note Review of The Overall Product

The All New Samsung Galaxy Note is neither a smartphone nor a tablet and sits right in the middle of these two devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note uses Android technology, feels light to hold, and has a 5.3” screen size. It is worth stressing that it is very light to hold and weighs much less than a standard tablet. On first look the screen is bright and very easy to see.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review – The Features

It is also physically quite thin with an 8 Mp camera and comes with its own stylus. It probably seems strange that Samsung have introduced the stylus again when it has already has a much better touch screen system, never the less, this additional item works well and is accurate to work with. It is perfect for those who like a big screen and with the stylus feature it makes taking notes, writing shopping lists etc a very easy thing to do.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a dual function gadget this is because it works in both a tablet and a smartphone meaning you only have to carry a single device. That is great news for those of us who don’t want to be paying for two SIM cards. The built in browser supports Flash which is also great news. It is available in 16 Gb or 32 Gb and the option to increase memory with the addition of an SD card, having able to add  additional memory card is a great advantage to users.

One thing worth mentioning in this Samsung Galaxy Note review is that if you have big hands and finger and touch screen is a disadvantage to you due to size of finger, then this is the perfect smartphone for you. yes the added stylus pen is so ideal for anyone with fat fingers. You could be missing out on ease of use if you fail to pick up one of these and this makes it unique in the market place.

It also comes with a powerful 1.4 GHz processor and with this behind you; it makes the Samsung Galaxy Note ideal for gamers and those of us to like to watch good quality video. I have not tested this features if given the opportunity experiencing a Galaxy Note will sure out a smile to my face..

Belonging to the Android family, you do of course get access to the many Android applications that are available and grow by the day. That in itself makes the Samsung Galaxy Note worth a serious look.

It supports Bluetooth and Wifi technology making it ideal for the office, the home or anywhere you can take advantage of this type of connectivity. Wifi networks are growing every day with wireless cities being an ambition for many governments.

The bright screen makes viewing photographs or videos a most pleasing experience, I believe most users will be impressed with the quality, clarity and sharpness of the pictures on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The colors really stand out.

There is a nifty little social feed icon allowing quick access to Facebook, Twitter and the others and this makes access to the social networks a breeze. I can use this for personal or business contacts and even update my blog as anytime anywhere without boundaries.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review – The Benefits

The Samsung Galaxy Note is ideal for those who like to jot down notes especial a blogger like myself, this would be a great benefit to me. when at a meeting or seminar and for me that is one of its main benefits. It’s quick, convenient and translates easily with the use of the stylus. What I love about the Samsung Galaxy Note is that it gives me the perfect capability of both business and personal use, thus giving me the flexibility to take it anywhere and use it for any purpose.

My favorite personal use for this is the reading of e-books and the 1280 x 800 screen makes this a comfortable easy thing to achieve. It is a similar experience when I decide I need to chill out and just play a game or two. Like drawing caricatures, as seen below.

For those who like a decent size on-board keyboard then this is the phone for you. It ensures that typing mistakes are reduced and you don’t have to fiddle with the keys as they are easy to see. So far, I hope you found my personal Samsung Galaxy Note short views useful and keep reading to find out where you can get your hands on this phone!


Video Of Samsung Galaxy Note


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