Monday, 5 December 2011

iOS5 vs iOS4

Dear Readers,

Hi again, in my previous post I found and share a post with everyone on he comparison of 3 of the leading smartphone software players in the industry, and I am pretty sure that since the release of APPLE latest version of the iOS 5 software by now most of you have already upgrade you iPod, iPad, iphone from iOS 4 to the new iOS 5, including my self since I only have an iPod 3G  which I bought last year somewhere is June 2010.

This is the good thing about APPLE iOS, regardless of what type of APPLE you have iOS is the one for all, all for one type of software...

So I believe most of you APPLES owners out there just jump into the band wagon as soon as the message pops up on you APPLEs screen telling you that there is a new iOS version ready to update you APPLEs, next thing in our natural reflexes we straight on the click YES......Next.......Agree......Finish upgrade. right.

Since I found this interesting post, lets find out together what are the stays and news in iOS 5 currently running in your APPLEs devices..

Comparison Chart by Christ Spurlock / from
So now you know what new in you iOS 5, what do you think of the new iOS5 now running actively in your APPLE gadgets.

Although I only have an iPOD 3G with me, but so far APPLEs iOS have yet to cause any problems to my devices, even if there is it all transparent to me, all I have to do is update when ever APPLE guys announces its time to update/upgrade you iOS, because they have identified some glitches or even better they have added a new features and application for their loyal fans...

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