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Battle of The Engines....2011 Show Down.

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This year we have quite a number of updates for key players for internet Browsers/Search Engines. at the moment we have 3 major players when it comes to Internet Browsers, but we do have other two more players The Opera and Safari. 

The never-ending browser wars continue and this 2011, the competition is only getting tighter. Two underdog browsers, Chrome and Safari, are setting new record-highs as current market leader Internet Explorer continues to decline, which is also their all-time new low.

For the year 2011, as mentioned earlier Google Chrome, fireox,IE as well as Safari has introduced several updates, some were patches to improved the existing performance so we all know it.

According to Infoworld reports that Google Chrome has just hit the 10 percent barrier, to capture the biggest growth among the pack. Meanwhile, Apple’s Safari has also been seeing gains, the largest one-month jump Net Applications has ever reported of 0.23 percent, its largest pickup since September 2009. This could be attributed to the growing number of Mac users, most of which use the native OS X browser.

On the other hand, also setting a new record, albeit a new record-low this time is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which plunged down to 56 percent of browser market share. Net Applications’ market share numbers show Internet Explorer has been in steady decline, losing 4 percent over the last 10 months. This allowed for other browsers to gain some momentum while chewing on Microsoft’s browser share. Needless to say, Firefox was unable to capitalize on IE’s loss. [The next web]

With the release of Firefox 5 and Opera 11.50, TomsHardware took 5 most popular web browsers and compared them against each other.

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome 12
  • Firefox 5
  • Opera 11.50
  • Safari 5
How did these Browsers perform for the year 2011? I found this from that has the test result for 5 most widely used Internet Browsers. Now let us see the results.

Start Up Time

Now a days most browsers has introduce the open link in new tab format while the traditional method where a new link is open in new page remain. 

This first test is about how fast a browser starts up when a single tab has been configured.

While the Second test is calculated with how fast a browser starts up when it is configured with eight tabs are activated/open.

In this case the faster a browser is fully start up is better.

Page Load Times

This test involve how fast a page is fully loaded, TOM's Hardware has selected 3 sites with the highest visitors. namely Google, facebook, Youtube.

Again this test will tell us which browser performs well, the shorter it takes to fully load these page will indicate that it speed performance is the best.


This test involve testing how well these browsers performs with Java Script, the higher the scores the better.



Memory Usage 

Battery Life 

Now I know that even internet browser will have an effect on the battery life too. in this case FireFox has longer battery life..

Psychedelic Browsing

Conclusion  & Conformance Testing

After all relevant test has been done, the final result shows that Chrome performs much better with score of 91.9 mark thus taking the lead in best performance browser, closing behind is the Opera with a score of 90.5, followed by Firefox 87.6 marks, Safari scored a comfortable 84.6 taking the 4th spot in that table standing, finally IE scores 80.6. With these result how will IE turn the table around? the were reports that Microsoft hoped to improved its market share in the Internet Browsers segment with the introduction of IE10. will this work, well we will just have to see when the time comes.

Final & Standard Conformance

Looks like for the first time Chrome has taken the lead. so when it comes to summarizing all the results, Google Chrome 12 takes the crown and is followed by IE9, Firefox 5, Opera and Safari.

So here you have it my fellow friends. Whether or not Chrome will continue to be the king of the world with the upcoming releases of Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 6 and Opera 12, remains to be seen.

for more details of the test click here [Tom's Hardware]

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