Wednesday, 23 November 2011

St. Michael's and All Angels Church - Sandakan

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I hope you all enjoy reading about my trip to the Sandakan Urang Utan Rehabilitation center in Sandakan, and the photos taken during my trip there. 

We leave the center around 0415pm, we were actually planning on going to another rehabilitation center but due to the limited time available for us to visit there, we decided to go to another interesting place that is the Sandakan St Micheal's and All Angels Church. 

The construction of this church began around the year 1893 and it took almost 30years to fully complete, This church was designed by a New Zealander Mr. B.W. Mountfort, and it was first constructed with ironwood timber, then followed by bricks and finally stones, these material were said to be from Buli Sim Sim, while the whites stones that adorn the windows and doors are said have been originated from Hong Kong. The stones were delivered from Buli Sim Sim by prison labour at RM1.25 per cubic yard, A cubic foot of stone weights about 149lbs (63.5kg) and is painstakingly laid atop of each other.

The western porch (main entrance) of the church was not fully completed until 1925 which is 32 years later from the start of the construction. The church manage to avoid major damage during the world war II in the 1940s and it has remain as one of the very few stone building in whole of Sabah.

The beautiful stained glass windows in the church were donated by Australian to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Please to view more photos of St Micheal's church -Sandakan click here.

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