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What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook?

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Is a Laptop and a Notebook are the same item? how many of you knows that these 2 item are totally different in terms of features and built, here are the differences between Laptop and a Notebook.


01) Design to sit on your lap
02) 14" - 17" (widescreen) TFT screen.
03) Has a Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem.
04) A Laptop comes with an internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive
05) Large full featured keyboard.
06) Has at least 3 hour+ battery life.
07) Laptop can be upgraded to a desired performance such as RAM etc
08) It has an Integrated modem, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
09) High quality integrate audio and speaker system.
10) Low power consumption, high performance Intel style processor.

A Laptop is term of built and design, looks like a laptop is a smaller version of the normal Desktop computer.  the is why A desktop and a Laptop has a very similar build,functionalities and features but only the size between the two are not much different.


01) Ultralight. Less weight is better
02) At least a 4 - 5 hour battery life.
03) A notebook does not comes with an internal floppy drive
04) A  minimal graphics subsystem.
05) No internal DVD or CD system.
06) 12" - 14" TFT screen.
07) Low profile (thin).
08) Like Laptop a Notebook also comes with an Integrated modem and network connection.
09) Smallest possible keyboard that retains functionality.
10) Low power consumption like to Intel ATOM style processor.

In essence a notebook computer is designed to provide mobile computing that won't break your back yet still offer all the power the mobile users requires for work and some leisure pursuits. This portability normally comes at a price. The level of minituarization involved comes at a cost and high end notebooks can prove to be quite expensive.

Regardless of what type of computer you plan to purchase, a notebook or a laptop? it all depends on your personal requirement and if you can afford a light weight with high performance laptop APPLE MACBOOK , Sony, HP, Samsung to name few are the brands to go for, but if you wanted to have one that allows your to connect to the internet, reply some emails, perform minor processing and allows you the flexibility to upgrade then you may go for Laptop computer. thought these 2 perform almost the same functions, in the end it all comes to affordability to have either the best or just enough to complete to task.

Here are some Brands that i found from


Apple is unquestionably one of the best and most innovative brands in the field of technology. It's developed the most lightweight notebooks and laptops, the best applications for graphic design, the most revolutionary portable devices, and more. Their three top quality product lines are the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Although quite expensive, they offer a great experience rendered for the end user.

HP / Compaq

HP is known as a reliable name and very famous for its wide array of products that caters to various segments from the market. There's always an HP laptop available for you, regardless of your social revenue, style or preference. They have high end, middle end and low end products for everybody.


For top end gadgets at a reasonable prices, choose Dell. Dell will be the great option for business and work, as well as for personal uses. The best laptops from Dell are Mini Net, Inspiron and Studio XPS for personal or home use. The Dell Precision and Latitude collection are excellent for business use.


Toshiba prides itself for the top quality monitors, outstanding offers, fashionable designs and unparalleled laptop performance. Toshiba provides the most reliable laptops and notebooks worldwide. It's best laptops are the Toshiba Satellite, Satellite Pro, Tecra, mini Notebook, Portege and Qosimo.


Sony is well know for its premium offers, various designs and multiple functions. Sony is recognized round the globe for the exclusive personality and also top end products it always produces. The Sonly laptop collection are: Sony Vaio W Series, Vaio TT Series, Vaio Z Series, Vaio SR Series, Vaio CS Series, Vaio BZ Series, Vaio NW Series, Vaio FW Series and the Vaio AW Series. Each series cater to various segments from the market. In the laptop site, it is obvious that Sony is quite much popular.


Asus is known as a relatively new Taiwanese company that has exploded in popularity in 2009. Their Asus UL series is among the perfect ultra slim laptops produced. Also, Asus laptops have incredible battery life of up to 11,5 hours! They often times are available in HD LED backlit display, tons of RAM and spacious hard disk drive space. What's even better, Asus laptops are quite low-priced!

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