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How to make a complaint to your operator when you experienced.....(Part1)

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More 30 years ago, to have your very own mobile phone will cost you a fortune.. not to mention the size...I you throw the phone and hit someone on the head I am pretty sure that guy will go comma for a week... LoL

As we move forward in to a modernized world telecommunication where the network becomes complicated, the phone sized is getting smaller, if ore than 30 year ago to have a phone is considered want not it has become a necessity phone has become a part of our daily live, and if 30 years ago only the rich and famous can afford a mobile phone..nowadays even the student can afford to buy any brand new phone available in the market for just RM98++.

As I have mentioned earlier, the network has become complicated, the phone has become smaller and the designed has also become somewhat complicated too..the more advance you phone is, the more features it has to more weird the problem gonna be..

Now the question is what happens when you are facing problem with your operator problem with related to voice quality issues, such as while talking over your mobile phone the conversation suddenly cut off or in engineering term they called it the call drop, or your voice quality become weird like bubble sound, robotic sound, silent call means both parties cannot hear each other yet the call is connected, one way communication where one party can hear the other side of the line but the other part can't hear a thing from the other end. We have paid the package as well the service yes it is understandable that we expect the best of what we paid every cents counts. So how do we go about express our dissatisfaction? 

Here how.. every month I went to my service provider and everyday I found out most of the subscriber express the complaints based on the feels and anger, this situation is understandable. but each time when we tried to express our complaints from anger nothing can be achieved. details of the complaint is important for the operator to identify the problem and thus immediately troubleshoot the root caused.

What are the details required when making a complaints when facing problem with your mobile service provider?

1) Tell them WHAT are the problem you faced when making a call/calls
     - Silent Call (Both parties cannot hear each other)
     - One Way communication (1 party hear the other end and the other party failed to hear anything)
     - Crossed Line (Like 3 person is talking at the same time
     - Bubble sound when talking
     - Drop Calls (Conversation cut off suddenly)
     - Robotic Sound
     - Do Re Mi tone when call to a certain number or any number (be specific what number that you called   
2) Tell Them WHERE did you experience these problems
     - Where in a sense of the actual location for example 
         a) at the 1Borneo Shopping Mall Ground floor
         b) at Taman ABC, lorong/street name
3) How Often Did the problem occurred
    - When we experience the problem, we tend to redial the number to continue the conversation 
      when a call is drop.  because the conversation is long several redialing will sure to take place. then you wil 
      have to tell the operator how many time you redial the problem occurred. (Troublesome lah.hehe)
   - Same goes to silent, one way bubble sound, etc 
      Note for bubble sound it can occur in two situation :
      a) Bubble sound immediately after the call is connected
      b) While in the conversation.. this normally happen after several minutes of talking over the phone.

Based on my personal observation, If we provide these details of the problem Troubleshooting will be much easier, thus the solving of the problem can be done soonest possible. 

But sometime problem can occurred not because of the network, it might be the phone too. I experience once I just bought a phone, I normally has 2 sim cards and once a while swapped these SIM cards. this is what actually happened to me..my sim card in my own phone indicate SIM Registration fail but with the same sim card I tested at my sister's phone result OK, can make calls. tried on my own phone again same problem occurred. I took my phone to the shop and after 1 week they return my phone after repair the problem. I ask the shop what was the problem they said they suspected the phone software has corrupted and they reformat and re-installed the software and the problem solved. 

So you see problem might not come from the network, it might comes from the phone it self , because phone now a days to me are software dependent, and software corrupt issues might be a problem too. 

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