Saturday, 1 October 2011

my 3 yr old daughter wanted to prove her innocent..

Slightly over 1 am today, my wife told me that our daughter wet her bed. we were trying to train our daughter to not wearing her dyper every night now so far we have successful for 2 days. today at 1am we failed Little Kendra wet her bed.

So I change her pant and leave with no shirt on. Then as day break she was so angry (a 3 year old style) on why she is not wearing any shirt. My wife tried explain to her the reason and this little girl wanted to prove her innocent that she did not wet her bed... This is how the conversation goes...

Kendra : Mummy.. why you take off my shirt?
Mum     : of course we take your shirt because u shee-shee your bed lah..
Kendra : No.. I not shee shee on the bed mummy.. (Trying to prove herself that nothing happen)..
mum     : shee-shee your bed that's y daddy change your pants this morning...
              (mummy point to where she wet her bed...kendra went over to have a look..and found its dry..then 
               she responded)
Kendra : Where I shee shee no wet on the bed?..come show me mummy... 
              (imagine a 3 yr old asking for prove...of cause the bed is not wet anymore bcoz that it happened at 
               1am, now it's already 7am)
Mum   : dilemma how to prove the bed is already dry...

Kids now a days talked like they are already grown fast way too fast...How I wish they are still baby...

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  1. haha! i wonder if i can handle kids next time XD


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