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Glittering Original Durian Cake...Seasonal Flavor...

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Its Durian season now in all over Malaysia, or should I everywhere where durian fruit is grown. So What is durian fruit?


"It is neither acid nor sweet nor juicy; yet it wants neither of these qualities, for it is in itself perfect...the more you eat of it the less you feel inclined to stop. In fact, to eat durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience." -Alfred Russel Wallace

"Your breath will smell as if you'd been french-kissing your dead grandmother." -Anthony Bourdain

As these quotes suggest, there's no middle-ground when it comes to the durian. Protected by a thick, hard husk and inch-long spikes, the fleshy sections of the fruit give off an unmistakable and pungent smell. While some may find it aromatic and fragrant, there are others who won't touch it with a ten feet pole. As a result, this fruit is now totally banned from hotels and most buildings with indoor ventilation. It is easy to know if anyone in a building has been secretly smuggling in the fruit as the smell seeps into almost everything and lingers for a day or two.

The Flesh of the Durian Fruit
According to wikipedia " The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour, strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard the durian as fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and offensive. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine and gym socks. The odour has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia."

Yes, that is Durian one of the famous seasonal fruits in Malaysia... and becuase of the odour of the flesh durian is not allowed in certain public places especially Hotel. So in the Hotels you will always see this sign..


Durian can be use for many as flavors in many recipes, one of my favorite is my mum's home made cakes. so yesterday afternoon as usual if there is any left over ingredients left from earlier cakes that she bake she would kept it in a proper air tight container and to be used it the following day.

And good fruits to throw is away is a waste, today we have the chance to everyone of us in the family has a chance to taste Durian Cake my mum called it "Glittering Original Durian Cake"..

So there it is...excuse the finishing hehehehe....but the important highlights here is the taste of the slice of this and the durian odour makes you think like you are eating the durian fruit....

Bon A petite.......................................

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