Thursday, 29 September 2011

Weather today is Bright & Sunny.....WoW

Dear Reader,

Today the weather is looking so great..the sun is shinning once again. this morning I woke up quite early, 1st around 12am I move from the living room to my cozy bedroom, then later at about 4am, this is when my sweet daughter woke me up asking for her special formula, at first I was so lazy to wake up and prepared he milk formula...but then again I had to do it.

After done with formula, I returned to my sleep, but I just cant sleep...sigh... I went out to check out my blog site, no traffic, yesterday was the whole day traffic was so low...I wonder maybe there is something wrong with my story post...not so interesting maybe?

Then I went for my early morning shower, the freshen up a bit.. the I say is there going to be any sun light today? I took a peak out side my light at the moment. 

Then at about 0630am sudden ray of light shown down from the heaven... i quickly went out to have a look...its the ray of sun that shown right above Mount kinabalu..

Here are few images I shot today... hope you all enjoyed it..

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