Wednesday, 28 September 2011

28th September Sabah Weather status-Effect from Typhoon Nesat

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last night after there was intermittent rain with strong wind. but after 0130am I went to bed. I cant remember want happen like yesterday I was also sound asleep.

By the time I woke earlier this morning at 0630am, the weather was bright and sunny. I wonder did it really rained from 1am on wards? But my colleagues informed me that there was similar event of strong with heavy rain storm..

Lets see how is the weather today until tonight..

MTSAT-EIR Satellite Image for

4 p.m., 28 September 2011 
So, this afternoon, I sent my friend to the airport as I drive back to and from the airport KKIA Terminal 2, I found that most of the trees has been cleared off from the road. I believed most of it was caused by the 27th Sept storm event that started at 4am yesterday.

There was intermittently sunny today once in around 7am-8am then the sky began to darkens, as if it is going to rain, then around 12pm-2pm its sunny again now since 0230pm the sky is showing signs as if it is going to rained again.

Its 0439pm local Sabah time the sky is still dark. reports mentioned this will go on until the 1st of October.
Its 0447pm now and it looks the rain has started to fall again..

"Lets us all pray for the safety of everyone in this region that are directly or indirectly affected by this storm.."

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  1. The typhoon went passed singapore yesterday, the sound was so loud, windows crashing, a few trees toppled throughout the island. Never heard a wind so damn loud before, thought i was gonna die lol~


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