Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Travelling Today (Outstation)

Wake up in the morning 0440am... cant imagine it.. oh how I hate 1st flight travelling schedule...
Prepared myself and about 0445am drive to KK International Airport. it about 10minute drive at this hour...
Arrived at KKIA terminal proceed to KIOSK Check-IN for easy and convenience.
Later I proceed to Drop-Of Luggage counter..
Before me there are 2 passengers bound for Miri- Sarawak..
looks like they tourist from China (maybe and maybe not).....Which province?
No idea at all....but very good looking..
The MAS Staff tried to asked certain questions regarding the visit to Miri..but they cant really understand what was the question about...at first I wasn't really bother about it..after about 8minutes one of the girls ask.. anybody knows hows to speaks mandrin and help us? Still I would not bother to help....I think I'm selfish, after another 5minute (I think) I had to be the translator..ask the airline staff what was the issues.

Airline staff : Need to ask them the purpose of visiting Miri.
Me: What is the purpose of visiting Miri... (in Mandarin)
Chinese girl: visiting a friend in Miri..

(I then told the airline staff the purpose of their visit to Miri-Sarawak)

Airline staff:How long will they be staying in Miri..and why there is no return Ticket or at least ticket departure from Miri to other states/country.
(I then informed the Tourist about the question they are supposedly answered to the airline staff)

Chinese girl:Oh... I am only going to visit my friend in Miri for a few days, would purchase a return ticket from there..
Airline staff: After getting  the confirmation allow them to proceed.

then I was able to proceed drop my luggage at the counter and proceed to the exit and drive to the nearest Kopi Tiam for cup of coffee.. 

It's about 6am travel back to the airport..proceed to departure hall...0650am..Boarding anouncement..
0705am announcement for departure..
About 20minute later pilot announce the view of Mount Kinabalu..Highest Peak in Malaysia..regret to say I did not bring along my D90...what a waste...The view was so breath taking...If only I have my camera with me...this shot would be a great piece for todays blog..

But next time I am sure to bring along my Camera and post it on my blog...

Arrive Sandakan 0800am..and start working...........

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