Sunday, 4 September 2011


Today, woke up a little early. since my wife wanted to have fried noodle (Bee Hun A.K.A Rice Vermicelli) for breakfast. but we did not buy any yesterday so I need to get it from the nearest supermarket.

Most of the supermarket here in Sabah opened for business earliest 0830am, and the one that we are going opens at 0930am. we had to wait for another 25minutes. so I decided to sit in a coffee shop (Kopi Tiam) for a nice cold ice Milo with my lovely wife and have a short chat with her.

Later we visit another store well actually is it a stockist for Cosway. we were planning on making our own hamper for the up coming celebration gifts especially for our families (i.e. Christmas, Birthday etc)

Then its 0930am, and the supermarket is now opened for business. our original intention was to buy 1 item only. in the end we bought Rice Vermicelli, Vitagen (for Kendra), Sausages, some veggies, Nuttella- Cocoa Spread, due to unplanned grocery purchasing, we end up paying RM57.70 when our original purchase for the Rice Vermicelli only cost us around Rm3.00++, a differences of RM44.00++ over budget.

I started preparing the ingredients for the Fried Bee Hun (Rice Vermicelli). cut the meat into smaller pieces, some sausages, preparing the scramble egg, some carrots, slices of garlic. preparing the Bee Hun. after 5-10minutes of engineering to final product of fried bee hun. The fried bee hun is reading for serving.

Yeah...I know the presentation does not look so appetizing... well I just a home chef need to polish up my presentation skills...

Anyway the tasted was just nice I normally take my fried bee hun with tea..

Finally after having our wife and daughter continue watching their TV program while chit-chatting, while me updating my blog..

Later we plan to visit my parents, and I might visit Tg Aru Beach some 10minute drive from my parent home. hopefully I can get a nice shots for my photo collection.

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