Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Free 50GB Dropbox storage for Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy Camera


Looks like the new Samsung Note II and Samsung Galaxy camera users will have a pre-installed application of Dropbox storage when the switch on their devices for the first time. 

This Dropbox storage will allow Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy camera store their files/documents, photos and media file and allow seamless sharing of these files every where and when to all Samsung Devices. 

According to engadget : "Dropbox and Samsung have renewed their vows with a deal that'll provide 50GB of free storage for two years to owners of the new Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera. As you'd expect, this means the Dropbox app will be pre-installed, and it also ensures that users will have easier access to their media files. Before you get too excited, however, there's no guarantee that this well-intentioned promotion will pass muster with US carriers -- we've certainly seen a few hopes dashed in the past." click here for more

What actually Dropbox is? well from what I have read Dropbox is a company that provide a virtual space which is a cloud server. a storage sever located else where in the world and available virtually inside a vast and complex and highly secured internetwork cloud. and you can access it any time from your smartphone,tablet, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection via you broadband or wife hot spot, in lay man term (correct me if I am wrong) this is basically a virtual hard disk, and allows your to sync your files will all your gadget as long as it is connected to the internet.

So what Samsung has offer to their users is basically a 2 year free 50Gb of virtual space, via a collaboration with Dropbox that provided this memory space to Samsung users, but after 2 year my guess is you will still have your Free Dropbox space but no longer a 50Gb space, in fact lesser. I am not sure what is the free Dropbox space but to know more about Samsung and Dropbox offer you can visit Dropbox official site.   

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