Saturday, 18 August 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note ~ Tips

Dear Readers,

In my previous post I talked about my new Samsung Gadget, I bought it because reading my official emails has been very difficult with my old smartphone..yeah its because of the screen size. Anyway I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note with Ginger Bread Android version 2.3 ( I think so).

A few month later, a colleague of mine showed me a snap shot of his Samsung Note, that he had actually upgrade it to Android version 4.0.3, well this is an upgrade version for your Samsung Note from Ginger Bread to IceCream Sandwich.

He upgrade his directly from his phone. if you had not done so, I mean upgrade your Samsung Note from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich. Well there are 2 ways to do it,

  1. Upgrade from your laptop by downloading KIES for Samsung into your Laptop. Then do a USB connection from your Galaxy Note to your Laptop. Then follow the instructions.
  2. Upgrade directly from your Samsung Galaxy Note. 
Well I am only gonna show you the 2nd method, because this is much more easier to perform. Well this is how you do it.

Step 1 : Go To Setting
Step 2 : Scroll Down right to the bottom and look for "About Phone"
Step 3 : Tap on the "About Phone" to select.
Step 4 : You will see your Android version is "2.3" which indicate Android HoneyComb.
Step 5 : Go to "Software Update" and tap to select.
Step 6 : Deselect Wi-Fi only if you want to update your Android version via your broadband service,   
             else you can just leave it Tick is upgrade via Wi-Fi service.
Step 7 : Look for "Update" and Tap to select. A pop up will appear to ask you if you want to proceed 
             with the update.
Step 8 : Tap on "OK" to proceed with the update. 
Step 9 : Wait until your update is complete, once complete your Galaxy Note will restart/reboot to 
             initialise your net Android 4.0.3

Note : 

Upgrade from Android version 2.3 to version 4.0.3 will not affect the application and settings or memory in your Phablet (Samsung Galaxy Note). Just to be safe please do a complete backup of everything in your Samsung Note before you proceed with the upgrading.


Please also make sure that your phone is connected to the power source, because if your phone suddenly shut down due to battery fully drained out. Your Note will not work anymore...then it off the the Samsung Service centre for repair.

Once Your Samsung Note complete with the reboot/restart, you are now in Samsung Galaxy Note Android version 4.0.3

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