Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MAC OS X : Mountain Lion (10.8)

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As you all know that few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that they will be releasing their latest edition in Operating System that run in all MAC product. 

Well I have been waiting for this to come and finally I am able to down load it on the 26th July I started download it using my Celcom 3G broadband, with a download speed of 3Mbps. the file size its downloading is so huge. So 2 hours later I decided to download it from my office. 

With the speed of approximately 100Mbps, the whole process of downloading and installing the MAC OS X Mountain Lion took slightly about 4 hours long, well its with the wait and once the installation is completed when you check you about MAC from your MAC Book menu bar you will see that your OS version will be 10.8 a.k.a Mountain Lion.

My first look and brief review of the new OSx Mountain Lion. 

Upon restarting I found that now user have to option to choose either log in as guest or login as the configured user access ID. If you are upgrading it from the previous version of OSx the your original user profile will remained unchanged.

Next I tried one of the many new features, the current version of OSx has a iCloud feature, so I tried to register. it was a short procedure. once completed you need to create a permanent iCloud email account it looks something like xxx.icloud. once you are done with the icloud registration, you can start uploading all your files to Apples iCloud. Once you have completed the registration and creation of your personal iCloud email account. it will proceed to guid you on what you can upload to your iCloud account. To do that a window will pop out that has the exact iCon settings from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. this will be the first step of integrating all MAC gadgets into one single iCloud platform. once the latest edition of IOS being introduce this September, you files will be with you where ever you are, as long as all you MAC gadget is connected to iCloud. 

Next I tried the new web explorer Safari, I am not sure if there is any obvious changes or improvement, but the search speed has improved tremendously. there is also one more new features introduced the tab view, I find this feature helps a lot when I have multiple page opened, switching between tab by just swiping your two fingers over the trackpad. If your noticed it safari also added an icloud icon which allows you to continue viewing last browsed web from your other Apple gadget such as iPad, iPod or even from your iPhone.

The email part, well you need to reinstall/update the email application. basically it will automatically advice and guide you through out the process. once the update is completed your previous configured email settings will remained unchanged, so you don have to worry about loosing your old emails. all you have to do is synchronise you email and you can continue reading your newest emails. but there is also one added account, remember I mentioned about the icloud email account. well it have been added in as an additional email account. I guess that is the reason why we need to update our email application, it basically for the icloud email account. 

Another feature that has been introduced in this new OSx is the notification bar which is located on the far right of your MAC screen, this feature is useful. it allows me to instantly view any new emails without the need to open the email application. 

According to APPLE there are about 200 new and improved features in the new OSx Mountain Lion. The Launch pad and mission control has also experience some improvement, for example Dashboard has a new search feature, named widget browser, which allows its users to search and add widget much more easier. 

To know more about the new OSx Mountain Lion, please watch the youtube video below for other information about the new MAC OSx 

I hope you find this post some what useful and thank you for your time. on my personal note, the new Mountain Lion looks on to a good start. since its launching there are more than 3 million download recorded as reported by APPLE. 

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