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TAG HEUER ~ Introduction to The All New Microgirder 2000 Concept Watch

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This is a great show by Tag Heuer, during their introduction of TAG HEUER MICROGIRDER 2000 series wrist watch. the Show is a masterpiece so as their latest edition of to their 2012 collection the MICROGIRDER 2000 Concept watch.. Hope you all enjoyed this show as much as I enjoyed and admired their creation and passion for Time...


The Calibre 11 ~ Microgirder 2000 (Tag Heuer 2012 collection)

The Mikrogirder has a different dial layout to the Mikrotimer, so let’s step through the sub-dials that you see above:
  • 12 o’clock Sub-Dial: This measures Seconds. Each marker represents 3 seconds, so the hand rotates once every 90 seconds
  • 3 o’clock sub-dial: This shows seconds plus 1/10th of a second – one complete revolution of this hand is equal to three seconds
  • The Flying central hand shows time in 1/100th, 1/ 1000th and 5/10,000th of  a second
To get the timed event you have to add together the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock readings (giving you x.x seconds) and then add the reading from the flying hand. While its hard to see from the photo above, the flying hand in the photo shows 285 1/10,000th of a second…meaning that the dial above shows 0.0285 seconds (a theoretical example of course, given normal human reaction times).
The magic of the new regulator are three small metal beams, which you see below.
TAG Heuer further explains the role of these These beams- or girders as:
“working with a linear oscillator (as against the spiral shape of the classical movement) that vibrates isochronously at a very small angle, as opposed to a traditional watch, which vibrates at an angle of up to 320 degrees.”
This two-line description hardly does justice to the new regulator, but Calibre 11 has a “physics lesson” booked tomorrow with TAG Heuer’s Head of R&D Guy Semon, so hopefully we can bring you more detail soon.

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To know more about the interviewer findings on the Tag Heuer Microgirder 2000 click here~Calibre11 

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