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Gadget I am looking forward to try This Year 2012

Like my previous post, 2012 will see an even greater war going on, after CES 2012 in Las Vegas held in January, most of the industry players has hinted/pre-announce/unofficially announced what consumer as well as gadget freaks can expect to have this year. So I have my list to and hoped to try this year.

1. iPad3
2012 rumors
he next gen tablet from Apple is set to be released pretty soon. New iPad 3 rumors suggest A6 processor and March release besides a host of other new features

The most recent update on iPad 3 is the leaked details on Boy Genius Report that claims that the third generation tablet by Apple can come with A6 chip in it. The report, besides showing four pictures of debugging code from a source, also states that the unnamed source claims to have got their hands on the iPad.

The report mentions two models of the iPad that include the A6 processor and a quad-core chip. [more]

2.MacBook Pro

2012 gadgets
3. Nikon D800
4. iPhone5

We hate to continue to perpetuate the iPhone 5 rumors, but since it’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ it will arrive, we feel as though this posting is justified.

Macrumors, by way of 9 to 5 Mac, is reporting that the next iPhone, the iPhone 5, will arrive this September according to 3 sources familiar with the device’s production schedule.  Word is that the iPhone 5 test schedule is drawing to a close and that production will get under way this July.  Keep in mind that September will see the release of the next iOS, so the timing plays well to complement a new hardware release.

6. 2012 BlackBerry Playbook
BlackBerry Playbook 2012 rumors will be release by Q2 2012. The BlackBerry Playbook 2012 price in Malaysia is yet to be annouce.

7. MacBook Air Ultra Thin

According to our pals over at Macrumors, Apple is working on an ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook.  It’s not clear at this point if it will adopt the same specs and limited feature set as the recent released Macbook Airs, but the site says that the laptop is in the late testing stages at Apple.

In the past Apple has indicated that it is looking to move away from all things spinning (hard drives and optical drives) inside of their machines.  So we see the chances of this rumor as being true pretty darn good.  Macrumors also says that Apple is working on a 17-inch version, though there doesn’t seem to be any indicator as to where that is in the development phase.

On the other hand, Apple just released the brand new Macbook Airs.  So it begs the question why they’d release another laptop with an almost comparable feature set, but with a larger, more popular screen size.  However, Apple has long sold the Macbook Pro in 3 different sizes (13″, 15″ and 17″), so the move wouldn’t be all that unorthodox.

So far to start my gadget year, I will have 7 gadget to tryout this year. as you can see, I sort of errr, Apple fan myself. Samsung Nexus is not a bad gadget to have or to try out too, I'm sure to visit any of the store and experience 1 for my self, but Samsung did hinted that they might be launching a newer version of Nexus some time this year, to all Galaxy fans out there be ready to change or even upgrade your gadget. So Looking forward to watch the announcement made and dashed out to try these gadgets..

There is one Camera in my list, actually I am waiting for the Nikon D400 and hoped to upgrade my Nikon D90, but looks like I'm gonna have to see what D800 has when it is available in the market. I can't afford to have 1 for myself so Nikon D800 will stick to be in my gadget to try list this year, who knows when D400 is reality I might be the first one to have one for myself.

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