Saturday, 4 February 2012

Apple Rumor : The Release dates of iPad3 and iPhone5

Now I cant wait to see the latest version of the highly anticipate Apple's 3rd installment of the all famous iPad. the first 2 versions of the iPad (iPad and iPad2) has been very successful, despite a sliding in market share in 2011. with a 53.03%  Tablet OS market share a combined from iPad [read more], iPhone and iPod making Apple IOS as the largest Tablet OS in the world and with a Table estimated market share of 57% in 2011, and despite the constantly improved market share of the Adroid Table, Apple has manage to remain dominant in the world of Tablet. 

As we moved forward into 2012, "Canarccord's data suggest that Apple's slide will slow despite increased competition from the Amazon,Asus, as well as other Android-tablet builders such as the Samsung and HTC. Those makers will mostly compate with one another as apposed to Apple, Walkley noted."

So what is the latest rumors of iPhone5 and iPad3 release date, according to to a member of staff at Chinese producer Foxconn, the iPad is said to be ready for released as early as March 2012 while the latest fifth installments of he iPhone generations will be launched some where in May 2012, but the production of the iPhone 5 is ready ahead of the May Launch. If the launching of these 2 highly anticipate Apple latest productions, the only different this year will be the Introduction will be announce by Apple's new CEO hand pick by Steve Jobs as his successor. [read more]

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