Friday, 13 January 2012


For those who are interested and plans to owned the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android device, which as we all know it run on the latest Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). I put together a package show down between Celcom Nexus Exec Package and Digi Nexus Smart Plan package.


The Packages
Celcom offers3 type of Samsung Nexus Exec Package, each with different Data package FUP (Fair Usage Policy). 1GB/3GB/5GB. DiGi on the other hand only offers 2 type of Data plan 1GB and 3GB respectively. Then it is only fair to compare Celcom and DiGi Data plan of 1GB and 3GB in this showdown.

Commitment Fees
With each has a fixed monthly commitment Fee of RM88 / RM108 respectively. where as DiGi did not mentioned any commitment fee in their package. but both operator did request for a UP from payment of RM300 for Celcom both data Plan but DiGi required its customers to pay an upfront of RM250 for data plan1GB and RM500 for 3GB. 

Though I did not see any term fixed commitment fee in DiGi Package but I am also wondering is the term DiGi Smartplan RM48 and RM68 for respective data plan is another termed used to reflect as "commitment fee"?Hmmm....I wonder?/$@#*??

The Contract Offered
The other difference here is the Contract tenure..celcom offers 12 month contract for 1GB plan slightly RM41 cheaper than DiGi 12month contract plan, but DiGi offers a much cheaper offer by giving it customer a 24month contract but will Celcom have a much cheaper offer if it were to decide to offer a 24month contract? I sure it will be..what do you think?

For the 3GB data plan the contract offered is also similar Celcom Exec with 12month and 18month and DiGi 12month and 24month for this package DiGi offers are rather attractive a slightly cheaper than Celcom 12month package, and obviously Celcom 3GB plan is slightly higher. Does this mean Celcom is promoting its customer to take the 1GB data plan? and DiGi on the other hand is promoting its customer to look at the 3GB data plan. Well any way package is still a package...customer will decide which plan is suitable for them.

Note : To confirmed these package and a more clearer picture of the overall package please visit to your nearest operator of your choice and even better visit to both operators branches and get their explanation before you decide....

Oh.. one more thing, once you have decided the package of your choice...Next is, Enjoy Your all New Samsung Galaxy Nexus..


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