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Top Movies in 2011...

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In my previous post, I talked about the top 10 box office movie for 2011. as the end of 2011 come to its final journey, a long the year there so many brilliant directors that directed the most impressive movies, movies that capture our mind and makes us wants to come back and watch the movie over and over again. I guess that is where the million if not billions of earnings comes from... I must admit that I have watch The Matrix every sequels movie at least 5 times, the graphics and effect and stories really amazed me, that makes me wanna come back for the movies for more.

So now as the year progresses, so as the way movies are produce, edited,techniques,ideas, animation techniques has evolved to a level beyond imagination. 

Lets have a quick look on this year 2011 top five movie to date since their first release right to the latest sequels, what are their totals gross earning to date, as all famous movie critiques has expected the year 2011 is the year of the sequels, it is obvious to say that all top 5 gross earnings box office movies belongs to the sequels...

To start with our top list for 2011 highest worldwide earnings as we all know belongs to Harry Potter.... since its first release worldwide gross earnings recorded a stunning 976.5million, as the subsequent sequels are released on average Harry Potter movies recorded between the average of 800-900 million in earnings. but not until the final installment of the Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows : Part 2 is managed to hit the highest note of the year of 1.326billion in worldwide recorded earnings. 

Overall The Harry Potter Franchise movies since its first release in 2001 to 2011 with total 8 installments of the movies franchise Warner Brother studio has manage to earn a total of 7.692billion worldwide movie earnings. earns them a nice 3 spot in the all time box office billion dollar club. after Avatar (2009) and Titanic (1997).

Next in the list is the none other then the famous Captain Jack Sparrows character played by Johnny Depp in the Walt Disney Franchise movie "The Pirates & The Caribbean" since its first release in 2003 it manage to earns a good figures with 653.2 million dollar in worldwide, unlike Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean in its second installment it managed to hit a worldwide gross earning of 1billion mark. but in the forth installment though is still managed to earning a stunning 1 billion in worldwide gross earning and manages to secure a second spot in this years box office top earning movies, but the figures is slightly lower than its second sequels release 2006 "Pirate Of The Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest". None the less Pirate Of The Caribbean still manages to secure a comfortable 8 spot in the all time box office highest gross earning. 

The third spot goes to the High Action animation movie "Transformer"  though in 2007 it started low with a total worldwide gross earning of 708.90 million dollar and manage to secure the fifth spot in 2007 top box office chart. That that third installment on Transformer franchise "Transformer : Dark Of The Moon" is manages to recorded a much better earning of 1.114 Billion dollar though in 2011 it secure a top 3 spot in rank but overall all time box office gross earning Transformer : Dark Of The Moon manages to secure fifth spot. There are rumors that the third installment of the Transformer franchise will the final episode. Will there be another sequels to this high action packed CGI movie, let us all wait and see.

Kung Fu Panda, with just 2 release, has managed to recorded a total gross earning of 1.296 billion worldwide. With a 663 million worldwide earning recorded this year Kung Fu Panda 2 manages to secure a good fifth spot. 

Fast Five is considered to be the only Fast & Furious franchise movie that recorded t total earning of over 600 million in gross earning. thought it only secure a 57 spot in the overall all time box office list, but in 2011 Fast Five secure a top 10 list of Hollywood best box office movie, with a total earning of 624.3million, Fast Five secure nice fifth spot in this year top box office chart. 

Now hat we have seen the top five worldwide top earning in Hollywood best Box Office for 2011, and how they rank in all time top box office list. not only 2011 is the year of the sequels, it is also movies are all family oriented group of movies. Harry Potter, Transformer and Pirates of The Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda these are all movies where you happen to be at cinema, you will noticed that all parent together with their kid are all exited to watch these movies together.

As we welcome the new year 2012, I am sure 2012 will be a another great year and lot of box office to be movies to be release for the world to watch...

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