Friday, 9 December 2011

How to Keep Your Photos (and Their Data) Safe

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I am pretty sure that everyone who has a social networking account would loved so much to upload photos of your self when ever any where you can. There is nothing wrong of uploading your photos online but we must aware that even criminals is getting more tech savvy in taking their target. and I found this new article  by Amar Toor, in fact I having multiple thought in upload my photos from real time location to the internet. 

Anyway I thought I share this article to all my readers, please find it useful as much as I have enjoyed collecting and post it in my blog. 

iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphones have made it remarkably easy for us to share photos on sites like Facebook and Flickr. But they've made it a lot easier for cyberstalkers to track us, as well. 

That's because many digital photos contain a kind of encoded data known as Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF). This type of data is often used by professional photographers, since it reveals detailed information on when the photo was taken, whether it was shot with a flash, and whether any digital manipulations were applied after the initial shoot. In many cases, EXIF can even determine where a photo was taken, thanks to GPS-generated geotags attached to every shot. And this information often stays with the photo even after a user uploads it to a social network or photo-sharing site.

Ben Jackson, a security analyst and co-founder of the site, told Fox News that an image's geographic DNA may not be immediately evident to most users, but it's remarkably easy for anybody to extract. "We take that data, look at the publicly available photos and then map it to an address -- so we can then tell a person was at a certain location when they posted that photo," Jackson explained. Doing so is so easy, in fact, that Jackson says he could "probably teach a grade schooler to do it." [ here]

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