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The History Of Paintball Games..

If we trace back in the year 1970, paintballs was first used to mark trees and cattle y the forestry workers. but who actually invesnted paint balls as a game? Well as I search through the web, and thought I would share this to all the paintballs lovers.

The idea of a gun shot balls of paints was believed to be Charles Nelson ideas, but according to the writer an article, as quoted " I think if Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines had not bought the Nelspot 007 and organized the very first games of paintball, someone else eventually would have done something similar.." and according to greathistory.com, Paintball guns and markers, existed before the games of paintball even came to known as a game,starting in the early 70's, the air powered guns were used to marked trees and livestock in the field. Early models shot streams of paint, but were soon redesigned to shoot paint pellets. The pellet design was advantageous because they could be shot further than a stream of paint and were able to clear obstructions. Besides, who would shoot a Super Soaker over a BB gun? Because their sole function was to leave semi-permanent marks, paintballs were made from oil-based paint. Markers were mass produced by Daisy and Crossman for the Nelson Paint Company and became popular in both the livestock and forestry industries as tools for field-marking.

Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines
Much like the concepts of significantly more dangerous and less successful games, the idea of paintball originated in the presence of alcohol. Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines fantasized over a bottle of gin about a stalking game they could play with their friends. A friend recommended they use Charles Nelson paintball markers and before long Hayes Noel and the third founder, Bob Gumsey, wrote up the rules for the game. 

In June 1981, the first game took place in an eighty acre forest in New Hampshire. The competitors consisted of the three founders and nine friends ranging from a New York film producer to a farmer from Alabama. An every-man-for-himself, capture-the-flag format was used. Within weeks, one of the writers from the original twelve participants published an article in Sports Illustrated raving about the adrenaline rush he experienced playing the newly invented National Survival Game (NSG).

To responded to the widespread popularity of the published article, Gumsey, Gaines, and Hayes started selling NSG starter kits that included a Nelson pistol, paintballs, goggles, a compass, and a rule book. By the year 1982, Gumsey opened the first commercial paintball field in New Hampshire. As the popularity   of the game grows, it was still called NSG and Nelson remained the dominant franchise in the industry.

Paintball has evolved substantially. The game is now played globally, both recreationally and competitively. Most recreational play takes place in the woods, but competitive paintball is now played in an indoor arena type setting with inflatable bunkers. Tools of the trade have evolved with these new formats. High-end markers has eventually became available.

As the games evolve like every typical games the technology has also evolve, The projectiles are now completely biodegradable and are filled with water soluble paint instead of oil based paint. A competitive player can easily spend several hundred dollars on a basic set of equipment.

A multi-million dollar industry has developed as people have continued to step onto paintball fields and step off with welts and smiles. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and sponsorships are awarded every year in tournaments. The first professional league emerged in 1992. Today there are two thriving professional leagues, the United States Paintball League (USPL) and Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP). 

Although most professional players are not paid enough to make a living solely from playing, in 2006 paintball took a huge leap toward becoming a mainstream sport when professional player Oliver Lang took an offer to play for the Los Angeles Ironmen for an annual salary of $100,000.

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