Wednesday, 26 October 2011

World most expensive Street BIke : GOLD BIKE Crystal EDITION

Sadle : An Exquisite Brooke Sadle made from the finest-quality leather
Frame : Adorned with crystallized Swarovski Elements
Top Tube Frame :  Adorned with crystallized Swarovski Elements
Cross Bar : Aurumania Logo in Braille Written using Crystallized Swarovski Element
Front Down Tube : Gold is number 79 in the periodic table of Natural element
                                This distinctive number is featured in the unique,swirling Arumania tag symbol in GOLD
Rear Hub : Rear Hub and Fixed sprocket plated with 24-carat Gold
Front Hub : Every surface of spockets and plated with 24-caratGold
Price Tag : €80,000 (RM46,789.00 or USD14,915.00)

Description :

10 limitted edition 
Hand Built track bike with every visible surface plated with 24-carat Gold 
Adorned with more than 600 crystalized swarovski element
Each Bike comes with a 10 year No-Question Guarantee


  1. Hi fzexfkl, such a bike can only be used by one person.... James Bond 007. It would be great to feature it in his next movie, right? Then the world will go ga-ga over it.

  2. hahaha..I wonder what the producer would say to James Bond before they start shooting the scene "Ride slowly..make sure no scratch when u return it..otherwise this will go to your pay check.."


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