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Something to call my own..

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Here is a story I ready from a book, and I found it interesting a person ambition can turn into a success despite the succesof his family business, he strive to try somthing different and to have something not inheritted to him but something that he build from scratch and turn nothing into something success just like his father and eventually turn something to call his own..

This is how his story and journey begins..

Everyone of us young boys always begins our ambition to become something or the correct term is to become someone that make us feels like a hero. Just like any other typical young bots his ambition was to become a policeman. As he grew up and saw how his fatherbuilt a successful businessfrom scratch, and he was inspired to do something just the same, thus making his father his role model and the one person he can look up to. 

When he was was a young boy, his father had to take 3different job at the same time. During the startup years of his father's business, his mother was also busy helpup with the business, thus putting him under his grandmother's care. As such they did not have much time with him. When in his teens, her parents business begins to pickup and making this the turning point for his family. The family begins to prospered in the nineties. with his father success in building up the family business, allows him to enjoy a transition from a juat enough to survive kind of life to a more secure and the opportuniy of enjoying a more luxury life.

However, in his early beginings, had taught him the value of frugal. He was motivated to earn his own money through the process of buying and selling. During his primary school, he was selling erasers and stickers just for fun and of cause also for the money. He knew that if he could get some money from the selling of these small items, he could use it to buy something for himself. As he enterred secondary school, his passion for business continues, in order to erned the extra cash, he traded idol cards with his school mates and class mates. When he became well-off, he did not forget how life was in the begining, how he experience the difficult phase of his early life, instead he took these experience as an opportunity to explore the different opportunities and gain more valueble experiences.

His First  business setup...

His first taste and experience in setting up a business entity came about when he was studying at the National University of Singapore. He got together a group of his fellow university mate and started up a tuition agency. it was a fulfilling experience for him, but their project had to end after they graduated from the university, and pursue their individual carrer path.

But his passion for bussiness did not ends there, as he further his education in the United States for his Masters degree, he begins to build up his second business, and it was an online bookstore. He found that most of the text book would cost them about USD120. however he was able to get a book with a relatively new and low in price for just USD25 from his fellow American classmates who had taken those modules before. He realised that if he could buy these book at a low prices and sell them to the international student, he believe he could make a handsome profit. So he venture around to buy books from his friends and sell it to his existing schoolmates. As he continues this routine of business his volume grew and soon he started selling within the Chicago area. The business continued to to grow and believe it or not his business reaches nationwide, and everyday for two whole years,he would take orders, shipped the books and at the same time continue to study. Soon his profit reaches USD100,000 from running that online bookstore, this cash has helpped him a lot in paying his tuition fees and covers his overall living expenses.

After completing his Masters degree, he decided to return to Singapore. Well to some the easiest choice would be for him to join his father's business as it was all ready operationally. But he realised that was not what he had in mind or wanted to do, he has seen how his father worked hard to build a business from scratch, and eventually creating a better life for this family and how his father's hard work had inspired him how success is defined and that is what he wanted to do and experienced one day. He wanted to create a legacy of his, something to cal his own. So I decided to chose a different route, the entrepreneurial path.

Today Learnard Tan, is the MD for PurpleClick media, he gave up his five figure job and created something that he could call his own. in the year 2006, he started PurpleClick Media, an online marketing company that focusing on search engine marketing (SEM) to cater Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) market. The company help client like, Job Central, Parkway Healthcare, Q&M Dental, Avis and CPF to get the most of their online advertising dollars. In the first year alone the company netted more than 1 million dollar in revenue.

During his long journey into the world of entreprenuer path, Leonard Tan shares how he applied the Chinese idioms inspired business strategies and his deep passion for E-Marketing to create a million-dollar business within 1 year.  

Achievement, Awards and Accredittations (AAAs)
PurpleClick is the first in South East Asia to be accreditted by both Yahoo! and Google. 
2006 and 2007 named Yahoo! top search partner
2008 awarded Google agency of the year for Market and Education
The Crowning moment was in the year 2009 when PurpleClick was awarded as Emerging Enterprise Award.
PurpleClick was also honoured by the Marketing Magazine as the Top Local Hero and Top 3 Search Marketing Agency of the year in the Global category.
Leonard Tan was named as BusinessWeek's Top 25 Asia's best Young Entrepreneur of the year 2008 
Leonard Tan was also named as Rotary-ASME's tops entreprenuer of the year 2009 
The latest in the list is Leonard Tan, Founder and CEO of PurpleClick nominated or Spirit of Enterprise 2011

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