Tuesday, 11 October 2011

How to make a complaint to your operator when you experienced.....(Part2)

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In my previous post (Part 1), I mentioned about how important it is for us to spell out the details of our problem to the service provider so that the problem can be resolved the soonest possible.

Also I mentioned that problem that we faced might no be caused by the network instead it might be due to problem on the phone itself.

Now I am going to mentioned about how to troubleshoot the problem before we make a complaint to our service provider. because by telling them what is have done earlier to check on the status will further shorted the troubleshooting process, the problem might not be solved instantly but with the additional pre-test information will help further.

Here are some that I can think of on how to check your phone before proceed with the complaints towards HQ.

1) Phone indicate no service : what to test
    a) Try force your phone to GMS network only if you 3G indicate No Service the you GSM feature for that
        phone has ended, this also apply vice versa.

2) If your phone unable to send SMS : Try
    a) Check you operator Service Center Number (SMS)
    b) delete all the unnecessary SMS Center number only retained the one that is used by your current SIM

3) If your phone has full network service both 3G and 2G (GSM) network but cannot make any calls : Try
    a) Redo manual network selection by forcing the nework to be registered on any router.
    b) Reset back you actual network the Switch OFF/ON you phone.

4) If your phone unable to do BroadBand (this is 3G service only)
    a) Check you setting broadband setting

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