Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sabah wind speed has started again...Typhoon Nesat (a.k.a Pedring)

Hi readers,

Its 1145pm now and the wind speed where I am staying now has started to picking up.. not sure what time that rain will start to fall..
looks like it going to rain soon, and I believe there are part of Sabah has rained..
The time is now 12am, the wind is still blowing and the speed has slightly increase. 
Its 1214am..rain has start but not as heavily as yesterday morning. 

Satellite image issued by PAGASA official site time 12am
Base on the satellite image shown above Sabah will experience another heavy rain and strong wind tonight..

Its 1221am, looks like the rain has stopped and so as the wind speed has slowed down. is this a typical signs that another wave of heavy shower and wind is going to hit Sabah?

video clip on Typhoon Nesat on the 27/09/2011

It is 12:30am now still no rain and wind since 1221am. outside as I briefly observed looks so quiet and calm.
The time now is 12:56am, the wind has start to picking up again.. but still no rain fall. will continue to observe, while at the same time enjoying my fresh juice..
1am, the wind has stopped again....looks like tonight is going to be a quiet night and the storm is clear. 
I will wait and observe until 0130am, if still no signs of strong wind and heavy rain.. I'll go to sleep and enjoy my sweet dreams..
It is now 0103am, there is sudden strong wind now, I believed its going to rain, yup there is a mild rain fall at the moment. this might be the 2nd wave. The speed of the wind speed is much stronger now, stronger than the one when it started about 12am earlier. Wind speed started to increase steadily. We'll see what happen at 0130am. after that I am going to sleep..

Its almost 0126am now, the wind is still blowing steadily increase but the rain has stop. 

It is now 0131am, and suddenly it rain heavily now plus the wind speed has also increased steadily. I am going to sign out now and usually my 3 year old daughter will wake me up at around 4am-5am asking for her milk. We'll see what happen if the storm is still waiving its tail on Sabah..

Lets pray for the safety of everyone affected by this storm...

Should you have any comment of picture of the storm event please do drop a few lines of comments and email any image that you have of the storm..

Thank you so much and most of all happy reading.

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