Saturday, 17 September 2011

The New NISSAN XGear


This is the newly launch Nissan XGear..
I have been a fan to NISSAN..I am looking forward to test Drive the new Nissan XGear..
My Wife is also looking forward to get into this new NISSAN

My First car after graduating was NISSAN SUNNY Extra..
The coolest thing about my Nissan was that is has a bumper with build in shock absorber..
There are several time I hit on someone else car from the rear because of my shock absorber bumper
my car was saved..hehehe.. but too bad for the car I hit...I was the best car I have ever had until it involve from a bad accident...luckily my brother and cousins was ok..but my NISSAN was a total wreck..

Until I got married and have our first child, my wife and I decided to get a new car..and I always wanted to have a new I went to our nearest NISSAN show room with my wife after my overnight work...
at first my wife have a look at the LATIO...

Above & bottom picture..NISSA LATIO

The design is great, space is no a problem..but I somehow find it LATIO did not catch my heart..since we are looking for a family car..I find it NISSAN LIVINA is more suitable..

 Nissan Grand Livina...

  Nissan Grand Livina...Rear view

  Nissan Grand Livina...Inside view

We took a short drive just to have a feel of this new car that we are about to buy..
Then it has been decided..The winner is NISSAN Livina..
We decided to get the Luxury model..full leather interior..but it tool 2 month to arrived.
because we wanted the car so badly..we opt for the comfort model....
(it was not the wise decision to opt for the comfort version..I should have waited for another 2 month for the luxury version)

Anyway...I have bought my NISSAN LIVINA...and Looks like I might be changing to this new NISSAN XGear..Will decide after my test Drive..other NISSAN car I have tested .. is the NISSAN TEANA..

After the short Drive Test...NISSAN TEANA is another  car to be owned...the features installed in NISSAN TEANA is cool.. if your are the type Tech savvy person TEANA is the car to go with..the seat are fully automatically adjustable.. I wonder how much will it cost if this one is OOS..

This car is so Luxury..and full of cool feature..If given a chance to own a NISSAN Teana...I will choose white as it look more classy...
 Top & Bottom Picture..NISSAN TEANA

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