Sunday, 18 September 2011

LG Computer Mouse with Scanner Capability..

Wow...I saw this in an article where a friend of mine said.."Hey look LG has come up with a mouse that has a scanning capability..." well I did not actually read the article so I was wondering if there is any video about this little gadget from LG, and I found this on YouTube..

Well here it is... LG Scanning Mouse..

its a great Gadget to have if you wanted to scanned a small sized image or small part of a document..

I believed this is the first mouse device that has the scanning capability...and I sure it will improved further in terms of connectivity current version is via USB, in the future we will have cordless scanning mouse.

To have a scanning capability mouse the data transfer rate must be very fast.. don't know about the scanned result in term of quality..hope anyone can share the scanned result..

when will it be coming to Malaysia..oh is it available in Malaysia? If it does already hit the Malaysian market.please tell me where can I get one and the price..

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