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As my memory of first launch pf iPhone is vague, what I recalled is that when iPhone first arrived in Malaysia, I was wondering what is that iPhone, is it just a normal smart phone like what we already have in the market? Then a friend of mine mentioned to me that iPhone is a product of APPLE and one of the best feature in iPhone is that the video image when compared to current smart phone players in the market is so superb, crystal clear as if you are watching a DVD movie from your phone. Then I asked again, can it make any video calls? since we are presently in the 3G/3.5G network technology. The he responded by saying that is the problem iPhone can only make voice calls through GSM network, but 3G capability for mobile Internet. 

I wondered again and asked my self why is APPLE design a phone without 3G voice calls but only 3G mobile Internet connectivity?

As iPhone began to evolve into a more savvy and feature rich as well as technologically rich, has made me think that Apple has become a smart phone trend setter when it comes to features, how fast a smart phone should respond to user interaction.

I believed as a personal views that why iPhone launched their first version of iPhone with GSM voice call capability and 3G mobile Internet connectivity, was maybe Apple intentions was to observe how users of iPhone would react to their new smart phone, with all the comments and critiques has made iPhone to achieved so much.

Apple as set the bar high through iPhone for other smart phone industry players to create and designed a more competitive product. I personally considered these competition as healthy where we as smart phone users would benefited from.

Since rumored has it and maybe would eventually become a reality that iPhone 5 will be launched in the October of 2011, most likely int the early of October. I guess I should write a post for us to see how iPhone has evolve making us the users crave for more of what Apple are capable of sharing their creativity for their FANs to enjoy every touch, every buttons even though these buttons are located beneath the iPhone touched sensitive screen.

Now lets see how APPLE iPhone has evolved since the January of 2007 to present year.

Apple iPhone
As we are aware of that the birth of iPhone has changed everything the way we look and expected for when it comes to wanting to get a new set of smart phone. iPhone, Apple first generation of smart phone is how I look at it as lack of features when compared with other smart phone that are already available in the market. Yet iPhone still manage to survive in the world of smart phone community. 

Let look at what we have in Apple iPhone, I will go through certain features, features that I considered as key features in a smart phone unit.

This first version of iPhone has a thickness of 0.47inch and weighted at 4.8g which is quite impressive to me. moving on to it connectivity capability, since this version of iPhone is mainly for data /Internet connectivity, having a WiFi feature that comes with encryption features is must, blue tooth connectivity to bad iPhone blue tooth only allow connectivity between APPLE product.

As for Camera unit, it has a resolution of 2MPixel, only 1 camera for photo taking. Battery life well this is very crucial for a smart phone the longer the battery can last the better, for this version we have a talk time of 10Hrs and standby time of 300Hrs....Wow.. this is great talk time of 10hrs, but when it comes to playing games it sure is not going to have a talk time of 10hrs..

For messaging  feature we have SMS as well as MMS, input source we have touch screen and predictive text. predictive text mean that the phone will pop up a list of text/word that it predicts are the words your are looking for,  otherwise you can just type the text completely if the list is not available.

as for media support it supports ACC, MP3 and wave for video it supports H.264/AVC, for image format iphone supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and it has a built in memory of 8Gb, too bad iPhone does not promote additional slot for external memory for additional memory space. 

Apple iPhone was first announce on the 9th January and was officially launch on the 29th June 2011..

Apple iPhone 3G

The successor to the previous iPhone comes with an additional feature such as the 3G radio (HSDPA) and A-GPS support. it has a three sensors (motion, proximity and ambient light), Mac OS and comes with a number of pre-installed applications, it also allows users to personally install new applications freely download or purchased from the Apple AppStore via iTune application.

The screen size for iPhone 3G remains unchanged, as well as the thickness and its weight, it has a CPU speed of 4.3MHz. The battery talk time and Standby time remains unchanged. built in memory also remains unchanged. 

Apple iPhone 3G was first announce on the 6th april 2008, and was officially launch on the 11th June 2008.

Apple iPhone 3GS
When rumors spread that iPhone 3GS is coming to town iPhone Fans has predicted that this is the one.. the trend setters for smart phone. not that its previous design was still lack of features. it has proven that previous version of iPhone has made APPLE as the one to beat in the smart phone market. Now back to iPhone 3GS.

Apple has added several key feature into iPhone3GS feature such as video recording, Voice Control, and built in memory of up to 32GB of storage capacity, an auto-focus camera feature, and with a much faster processor..

Lets see what iPhone 3GS is all about. Touch screen technology with multi-touch (Capacitive), Thickness is 0.48inch, and weighted about 134.9g. Camera resolution has improved to 3.2Mpixel, additional camera feature with video recording auto focus capability. CPU speed of 600Mhz and a built in RAM 256MB. support MP4, WAV and quicktime on top of current supported format H.264/AVC.

iPhone 3GS was announce on the 8th June 2009 and was release on the 19th June 2009.

Apple iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 is the considered to be thinnest smartphone ever with its all-new design, FaceTime video calling, Apple's stunning new Retina display, 5 megapixel camera and and High Definition (HD) video recording

The thickness is about 4.7inch and weighted about 137g slightly heavier that iPhone 3GS though it does not make any difference in term of its weight., iPhone 4 comes with computer syn.

A 5MPixel of camera, comes with digital zoom and also a built in flash. iPhone 4 also comes with a secondary camera which is located in front of your iPhone. and this secondary camera is for video call features.

iPhone 4 also has a much faster CPU speed of 1Ghz, even the battery life has increase with a talk time of 7 hrs for the previous 5hrs but iPhone 4 standby time remain unchanged, iPhone 4 also comes with a AC charging features.

other than pre-installed application that iPhone already has for its users, in iPhone4 it comes with compass. supports video streaming over Internet. also a built in memory of 16GB storage capacity.

iPhone 4 was announce on the 7th June 2010.

So waht about iPhone 5 rumored says that APPLE will launch it in October 2011.. What to expect when iPhone 5 is announce and release in every APPLE store, one thing for sure we will see another long...long....long....sooooo long....very2 long queue when compared with the previously launch iPhone models...

10...10...10...The new iPhone 5
The image above is from iPhone 4. Since we all now that when iPhone 5 hits the market, it is a successor of the iPhone 4 that and is rumored that it comes with a 4-inch touchscreen,CPU capability is a dual-core processor, the usual two cameras (one on the back and one on the front for video calling), and at least a 16GB of built-in storage, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS and 3-axis gyroscope. USB 2.0 for charging and the rest of the features remains. New let us imagine. will it be a major upgrade in iPhone5? or just a small numbers of new feature features. Let us wait and see...

"The real question now is are going to buy iPhone5...Please tell me what you think...iPhone fans, android fans, symbian users... please tell me what is your decission.......

Lets make this a pre-survey
Just remark in my Comment Box and state your

1/ Country:
2/ Current owner of : Android/iPhone(3G,3GS,4)/Symbian
3/ Decision: YES/NO/MAYBE 

according to a survey done by inMobi I quote "InMobi released a survey today indicating that out of all current mobile phone users residing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, a full 41 percent are planning to buy the iPhone 5. Plus, over 50 percent will take the dive within the first six months of its release. It’s an understatement to call that a gigantic number of people, but we’ve seen it before."   [more] [Source intimobile]

Another quote "But what happens if the iPhone 5 turns out to be a measly iPhone 4S? Instead of a major new release, it might be a small incremental upgrade. Well in this case, considerably fewer consumers are willing to make a purchase. Only 11 percent of current iPhone users would buy the iPhone 4S, 11 percent of Android users, and 28 percent of BlackBerry users. The latter means RIM is losing almost one-third of its customers regardless of what Apple announces on Tuesday." [more]
[Source intimobile]

This is the most 1st important news "Apple is already the most valuable company on the planet, and the iPhone 5 is only going to skyrocket both profits and market share even further ahead." [more]
[Source intimobile]

The 2nd most important news "Were you getting tired of iPhone 5 rumors, tooApple has finally given us a date to look forward to, not just to hear about its new smartphone, but a day to look forward to the end of all those ridiculous rumors. One iPhone model, or two? Radical new design, or minor upgrade? A major bump in hardware specs, or just a few sprinkled here and there? October 4 is the date, so be sure you’re tuned in so you get all the news as it happens." [more]
[Source intimobile] 

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