Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Is Heavy Storm Felt In Sabah again tonight?....Typhoon Nesat (A.K.A PEDRING)

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Looks like its gonna be another cold night today until tomorrow morning..
Satellite Image at 7pm issued by PAGASA site

The above satellite image was issues by PAGASA DOST SERVICE.
Will update again if there is any happening tomorrow..
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Do you know that when tropical cyclone are formed in the northern hemisphere of the equator the cyclonic wind blow is clock wise , while the cyclonic wind blow anti clock wise is the tropical cyclone are form in the southern hemisphere of the equator.

The Star Reported:
KOTA KINABALU: Strong tail wind from Typhoon Nesat wreaked havoc in Sabah's west coast, knocking down power and telecommunication lines, uprooted trees and blown off rooftops.

No one was injured when the storm lashed the state at 4am Tuesday but the catastrophe left a trail of destructions, affected some 15,000 people when electricity and telephone lines were cut off by fallen trees and billboards.
Residents in the coastal villages of Tanjung Aru, Putatan and Petagas were also rudely awakened early Tuesday when strong winds ripped off their homes zinc roofs. [Read More]

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