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How The Famous Technology Company Logo Evolve..

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I am pretty sure that you all found about these logo's or maybe some of you might never seen this logo before, but since these companies are internationally renown company so as is Brand and Corporate Logo, I thought why not share these to all my visitors..

Why Change the Logo, when you company is already internationally famous?

I believed most companies changed their logo because the management wanted to strenghten their company, telling its customers, telling the community that we have evolve to a new generation of organization and we are here to serve you even better, my self currently in the company i am currently attached too also has gone throught several times of Logo changed, and they called this changes a company rebranding or product rebranding. if my memory is correct our company has gone through 6 times of coompany rebranding a.k.a changed of Company logo. 

Below are some of the  famous logo that has gone through multiple changes in their already famous logo...

Apple Logo Especially attributed to Steve Jobs (1959-2011)

Why did Starbuck changed its famous logo?

The change follows a larger move by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to move the Seattle, Washington-based company beyond coffee. This summer, Starbucks put more marketing muscle behind its icy cool Frappuccinos to help grow sales of the drink in the afternoon daypart. The chain has also aggressively expanded distribution of its next billion-dollar-hopeful–soluble instant coffee brand Via–in retail and grocery channels and it’s brought back breakfast sandwiches to its stores. 
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Reasons Behind The Changes In Logo Design

Business growth though is not always the reason why companies change their logo designs. Sometimes companies grow not in terms of economic stability but in their terms of perspectives and insights.

This therefore calls for necessary modifications in the company mission and vision. This also demands for realignment of the overall values and practices. Clear and specific business objectives are crucial in brand positioning. In this case, change pertains to product repositioning.

This type of change speaks of redirection of company goals. Designing a new identity is the best thing to do for companies who are reintroducing themselves to a marketplace. It is however important to incorporate the existing positive business equity to establish connection with previous customers at once.

According to Dr. Oswald "A logo is almost like someone's face. If they change it, it’s almost like you don’t recognize the person anymore."  So why would Starbucks take the step? "I have a feeling that they genuinely want to test the new logo, and at the same time, they want to get people talking," she says. Thanks to the Internet, "you can get feedback so quickly – it’s a way of doing market research."

Just like Starbuck which has changed its 1992 logo an almost 19 year old Logo brand that is famous for its coffee chain store, the reason of these changes is becuase is CEO Howard Schultz to move the Seattle, Washington-based company beyond coffee. meaning bringing starbuck into a new business teritory while maintaining its already famous STARBUCK Coffee Chain. What will this new business teritory be? we will see it soon...

To Conclude
Logo Change is all about rebranding is product as well as its company, be it to serve its customers better, introduction of new product as a brand, and most of all to strengthen is existence in the locally and internationally.


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